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Who are the Victims?

Her tone was sharp, her words piercing: “You want us to think that you are the victims. You talk about the Romans, the Holocaust and the Arab armies in 1948 and 1967. But you’re not the victims.” These remarks were more »

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Palestinians are NOT Afro-Americans and this is NOT 1963

Today, the twenty-eighth of August, marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.   The estimated 250,000 marchers makes it the largest political rally for human rights ever held in the United States.  It is the event where, standing in more »

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Who are the Victims? Who are the Perpetrators?

The rock-throwers and their relatives are personalized through the use of their names and individual stories. But all the Jews in the article are anonymous settlers or soldiers. Palestinian uses sling to throw rocks at IDF near Deir Jarir in more »

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Not a Good Match

  My wife is a psychotherapist who practices marital counseling.  She is scrupulous about maintaining the confidentiality of her clients, but from time to time she will anonymously make reference to yet another couple who in her opinion should never more »

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Zimmerman, the EU and Israel

What does the European Union’s recent vote to prevent its institutions from providing “support in the form of grants, prizes or financial instruments” to companies or organizations with activities in the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the Golan Heights have more »

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“Don’t bother me with facts, my heart is made up”

In recent weeks, two reactions from visitors during a dialogue in my living room reinforced the maxim, with the variation I coined,  “Don’t bother me with facts, my heart is made up.”  The first reaction came from a woman who more »

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BDS for Naught

I was a student activist in the early 1970’s when I was at Northwestern University.  I could not be considered a student radical, but being caught up in the zeitgeist, I mixed with that type often enough to discern certain more »

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